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Hairstyle Makeovers

Computer Simulated Makeover
Online hair styling software to try on different hairstyles and hair colours on a photo of yourself. Thousands of virtual makeovers possible! The possibilities are amazing. Used in many hair salons!
This collection takes a single model and transforms her look, step by step, from a neck length bob to a gamine crop. The collection illustrates the drama and metamorphosis that lies in potential in every woman.
A Long Hair Makeover for Jennifer
Jennifer wanted a makeover without making a commitment to the new look.
A long hair and make-up make-over.
A New Look for Brittany
Curls straightened out and a shorter hairstyle for Brittany.
A Summer Make-Over for Lorana
Lorana was interested in having her hair straightened, and losing some of the length in order to make her hair styling routine easier.
Part One: Straightening
Part Two: The Haircut
Part Three: Straightening Round 2
Japanese Bob Style Makeovers
Long hair to bob makeovers for Intercoiffure Japan. Bob hairstyles that Japanese fashionistas love.
Mini-Makeover: Cut and Color
A new hair color and a stacked bob for Summer Break.
Change Your Look: A Hair Color Change
At any given time, a full fifty-percent of women are unhappy with the way they look. They say they want a change and many take the plunge to make that change – sometimes with disastrous results.
New Mommy Make-Over for Becca
Becca knew as a mommy-to-be that life was going to get really busy and she needed a hairstyle she was going to be able to manage easily and quickly. View the before and after pictures.
Offset Faux Hawk
A trendy men's haircut that offers balance and that prevents the face from appearing too wide.
Makeover Videos
Videos of hair makeovers in progress, available to watch online.